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Starting Again

It’s never to late to start over,right? I am trying to get serious about blogging, so here goes.
This year has started out better than many. I feel lots of hope for the future.The Buddha says(and I love the Buddha) “Abandon Hope”-but somehow, I can’t do that one. I think he meant it as a way of avoiding suffering, which is self inflicted when one has expectations that don’t pan out. But I like to have hope without expectations-it’s definitely not static and always subject to change!
If you don’t know who Kris Carr, please check her out at;then buy her new book,Crazy Sexy Diet.Her approach to diet and lifestyle saved my life when I had the last canSer diagnosis(as Kris likes to spell it, just to piss it off). I feel better than I ever have and have tons of energy.
Back to the subject of hope, I think it’s important to hope for better days-and work toward them too, even when that means struggling with all your being to overcome financial fear,health fear,relationship fear, creativity fear-or whatever your particular fear du jour is.Working to change your mindset through fear is what I believe can cause your veritable DNA to wake up to change! Think about it! The mind is that powerful.
In fact, I think I am going to meditate on that right now, and then fix up a tasty bowl of curried lentils and quinoa for dinner.

I’ll be back

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