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Here are my releases... so far ... and a taste of each.


Introducing my latest album.  "Noir "is a carefully curated series of modern torch songs that I've written about life and loves over the years. .  "I Carry A Torch" is part of this collection, an anthemic reflection on the flame of love that while lost, may never be completely extinguished.  

If you buy, drop me an email and I'll send you a file of the artwork, lyrics and liner notes.  

I Carry A Torch -
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Fan the Flame

This was my first album.  "Look Homeward Angel" is a song of innocence lost, but a reminder that it's never too late for redemption.  I am grateful for the musicianship of many fine players including Kevin Madill (keyboards), Kenny Malone (drums) and Mike Webber (bass).  Produced by the fabulous Gene Eichelberger.

Look Homeward Angel -
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I'll See You In My Song
This is an album of jazz greats that I love, plus a few of my own.  All the tracks were recorded with spare arrangements and a minimum of production polishing, to give them an intimate and more live feel.  "Go Slow" is a shamelessly seductive number designed to bring your lover's temperature up a few degrees.  
Go Slow -
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Tangerine Moon
These songs were written and recorded following a severe health challenge.  They are testament to the truly healing power of a song.  Not only did writing help to lift my spirits and get me back in the saddle but gave me a #1 hit, "Two Piña Coladas" thanks to Garth Brooks who, with producer extraordinaire Allen Reynolds, are next to angels to me.
Just Outside Your Heart -
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Things That Are Real
This is a collection of many parts of my life's journey, full of experiences that hopefully have come to make me a better person .... a better friend, a better mother, a better lover, a better writer.  They are personal, but they contain universal stories that many people have told me they relate to.  There is no finer reward as a songwriter than this.
You Forgot That I Could Fly -
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Winter Fire and Snow
I gathered some of my favorite songs of the season, plus one or two of my own.  Selected as the best Christmas album by the critics at the Tennessean, it has a lovely intimate feel and includes one of my favorites that I had the privilege of co-writing with my good friend Sandy Mason.  Cuddle up and get cozy.
Christmas Is A Feeling -
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The Healing Power Of A Song (DVD)

This is an autobiographical documentary about my life's journey through a 30+ years musical career and beyond, including how a cancer diagnosis saved my life.

For more information and to purchase the DVD Click here

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